tyson allen


Hometown: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Home Slope: Hyland Hills
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170
Boot: 11
Stance: Regular

tyson allen
tyson allen

The King of the North

Tyson is a snowboarding coach who just enjoys doing some stunts. Tyson has competed seriously for years and ended up winning USASA Nationals 17-18 slope in 2023 and taking the silver in the 15-22 Rail Jam.

Now living the college boy life in Minneapolis, Tyson is “taking competitions (a little) less seriously” he says, but you’ll still catch him on top of the podium when he shows up.

Who or what has influenced your riding the most? My coaches helped me find my own way to board and got me to start throwing as big as I was.

Where do you see yourself boarding, or what does snowboarding look like in 20 years? In 20 years I’ll be almost 40, which is strange to think about. I hope to still be boarding and filming, but probably with two metal knees from all the impact.

What would be the title of your autobiography? What’s the point if you’re not having fun ?

proteus snowboards

Tyson’s Pro Design

Tyson’s Dims: 157 | Stiff



We asked Tyson “Sharknado” Allen to describe his board for us: “I’ve been told I snowboard like a shark, and I love animals, so throwing some on a design seems fitting for a board for me.” – Tyson Allen. Tyson’s signature air game and ability to hunt sick lines make him a standout competitor and an asset for Proteus R&D. Tyson is currently experimenting with boards in the 154-157 and stiffer layups to compliment his competitive riding and all-terrain range.
As with all Proteus boards, this design features the patented Proteus Adjustable Camber system, a guaranteed-premium board construction and a strategic, multi-directional shape.

tyson allen sharknado proteus snowboards
sharknado proteus snowboards
tyson allen proteus snowboards
“I love talking about the boards and showing how they work to people, with them being so unique people love to see how they work. I also get so many compliments on the Sharknado it’s a super fun design.”
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