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Proteus Snowboard Reviews

We’re pretty stoked about our tech and boards, but what do we know, we’re just engineers and snowboarders. Here are some reviews and feedback from our rider community.

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“...If you’re looking for an all mountain board that can carve well, rip the park, and also float in powder, then this board is absolutely worth checking out. It’s got a high end feel to how it rides, and the potential cost savings alone make it worth checking out.’

-Changing & Test Driving Snowboard Shapes w/ Jonathan Buckhouse via YouTube

I’ve never had that much fun on a board…for groomers and icy conditions, never caught an edge, and I was flying!!!

…and on Sunday it snowed, I tried the S-Curve, and wow.”

Diego in Boulder, CO | Rode a 154 Standard

proteus snowboard review
5 star google review

This is my go-to snowboard. I love being able to tune my Proteus to the varying conditions, like I have my powder day settings and tree settings, basically whatever nature throws at me that day, Proteus lets me tune my board accordingly. The materials are top notch, they’re made here in the US by some engineers who ride, what’s not to like.”

Drew in Morrison, CO | Rides a 163W Standard

proteus snowboards

Video Review Theater

Enjoy some Proteus video testimonials and reviews from real humans, and maybe one alien.

proteus snowboard reviews

Meghan at Mt.Baker, WA

@boardoftheworld Review of the Proteus Adjustable Camber Snowboard. Link in my bio is for full review. @Proteus Snowboards #snowboarding #snowboard #snowboardreview ♬ original sound - boardoftheworld
proteus snowboard reviews

Jerrin unboxing via Facebook/TikTok

proteus snowboard reviews

– “I was like, what in the world?”

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review proteus snowboard

PC: Clappstar via Flikr

I’ve recovered enough from my meniscus injury…to actually go out and give the board a couple days of runs down some steep and deep and long black diamonds, after getting dumped on with a few feet of powder.
…I hit the same run as Friday (along with a fresh dump of 18” of new), with a mid camber on both ends, and that inch and half set back on the rear binding, with no rocker, it performed marvelously without having to sit in the back seat. I think it performed every bit as good as my Lib Tech Orcas, if not better.
Once out of the black diamond chute, I hit the groomers and bounced back and forth off piste looking for trees and powder and side hits. This board is totally SICK! I felt like I was skiing again on a tight slalom course pivoting around my planted ski poles, the board turned so sharp and precisely in control that I wanted to make more runs, but, had to go to work and teach kids on the baby runs. Oh, and BTW, initially, I thought the board was way too soft and flexible for me, but with it at mid-camber, this board is the perfect tool for instructing new students, even with the inch-and-half rear binding setback….
…I’m totally impressed with and satisfied with [the] board’s nimbleness and powder-hounding ability…”
Dave Blow is a Snowboard Instructor at Crystal, WA
proteus snowboards

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