How does it work?

You tighten or loosen a screw which pulls the nose or tail up or down. There is one screw each for the nose and tail so you can adjust each separately from one another.

How many camber/rocker settings/profiles are there?

Infinite. Each end can change independently from full camber to full rocker and everything in between.

How often do I need to adjust the camber on my board?

It is personal preference. Some like to adjust it each run and others adjust it once for the day. We do recommend tuning your board back to full camber at the end of the day to extend the life and pop of your board.

My Adjustable Camber System keeps clogging with snow, what can I do to prevent this?

The Snow Stopper can be used to keep snow out of the mechanism. This is a small lightweight plug that can be taken in and out with mittens on. You can also use a screwdriver, keys, or a similar tool to clear out the snow if you want to keep your board minimalist without accessories.

I can see a small strip popping up on the topsheet when I tune my board towards rocker, is this normal?

This is 100% normal. The camber adjustment system finds an equilibrium and the small lifted section is nothing to worry about. Although it is definitely not recommended, boards can remain fully tuned for years and there should be no deterioration of its performance.

Will the Camber Adjustment System be at risk if I have a hard landing or really lean into a nose press or tail press?

No. The Camber Adjustment System is actually under less stress when you flex your board.

I have stripped the screw heads on the Camber Adjustment System, am I out of luck?

No. These are replaceable and every board is shipped with an extra set for this reason. Do not use your wrench to try to loosen up your screws, because it will get stuck if you loosen the screw too far. Take the screws out one at a time using your hands and needle nose pliers. The new screws can simply replace the old ones and everything should work the same. You must entirely remove the old screws before the new screws can be put in place.

Contact [email protected] if you have questions about this process.

Is my board totally ruined if I over tighten it and break something beyond repair?

If you keep tightening the Camber Adjustment System past it’s limit with no regard for the massive force you are applying, YOU WILL BREAK IT. At this point, you still have a fully functional snowboard but your ability to adjust it may be compromised. Replacing the screws may help, but avoid over-tightening the board and be sure to bring it back to the camber configuration at the end of the day. Troubleshooting these failures is much more difficult, so feel free to contact us if you are looking for possible solutions. If we determined that the board broke due to a manufacturing defect and you are under warranty, you will be eligible for a replacement. We will try our best to solve any issue, but user-caused damage will void the warranty.

These bolts have a lot of force on them. If something breaks, is it dangerous?

No. The whole system is contained if something fails. At Proteus, we have intentionally broken multiple boards without any issues.

Submitting Custom Snowboard Design Graphics

What are the guidelines for my art?

Your art must be sized for being on a snowboard and must not violate any copyright laws. Be as creative as you like, but limit nudity, profanity, violence, etc within reason.

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