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Looking for the best all-mountain snowboard?

All-mountain or all-terrain snowboards are perfect for those who like to dabble in the diversity of what our winter playground has to offer. That said, even with all the advancement in snowboard technology, most all-mountain boards are like a general studies degree, they’re good at a lot, but expert at none; and for those looking to push the limits of their carves and soar through knee-deep powder,” good” just won’t do it. 

So, do you need 5 boards hard-tuned to each unique terrain type? What if you want to ride back bowls all morning and then finish up with some groomies on the way to that rewarding resort beer? Do you run back to the car and swap boards? Stash one and hope nobody steals it?

With Proteus, you can forget all that noise. Until now, you had to hoard boards and build expensive quivers to truly indulge all-mountain prowess, or settle for a fixed board that was pretty good at most conditions. We’re happy to tell you the time for settling is over. Proteus Snowboards allow you to adjust your camber and rocker to match the terrain and riding style you’re vibing on. Without swapping boards, your board can go from full rocker, banana’d out for powder, to full camber for optimal edge control racing down resort groomers. You can dial in your ideal park settings, a little extra rocker for rails, little camber for extra spring – don’t settle for one profile or terrain, try them all.

best all mountain snowboard

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All Terrain Technology

See how a Proteus snowboard quickly switches between rocker and camber profiles.

We bake our patented adjustable camber & rocker tech into every board by hand in our exclusive Proteus board shop located in the Colorado foothills. With a Proteus board, you’ll never have to settle for an all-camber, rocker, or even a hybrid board, you literally have it all in one board. As we like to say,

“Don’t adjust your expectations, adjust your camber.”

proteus snowboards

All Terrain Types & Profiles

best snowboard for ice

Best Snowboard for Ice – Full Camber

Full camber is an ice-hacking marvel in snowboarding. The traditional camber profile, with its raised center and precise edge contact points, delivers unmatched control on icy slopes. The loaded energy along the board’s length translates to powerful edge pressure, biting into hardpack like a pro. Carving becomes an art form, with consistent pressure ensuring clean lines and stability, even on the slickest surfaces. Quick edge-to-edge transitions and responsiveness make full camber the go-to for conquering challenging, icy descents. When you need to dominate frozen terrain with confidence, a full camber board is your trusty ally, delivering precision and grip on every icy turn.

best park snowboard

Best Park Snowboard – Flat

A flat snowboard profile is a freestyle dream, excelling in terrain parks, jumps, and rail riding. With an even, stable base, it provides a balanced platform for precise tricks on rails. The absence of camber or rocker facilitates smooth, controlled slides and landings, enhancing your park performance. The neutral feel allows for predictable pop on jumps, ensuring consistent take-offs and landings. Whether you’re hitting rails, launching off kickers, or maneuvering through the park, a flat profile maximizes versatility, making it the go-to choice for riders seeking a stable and playful freestyle experience.

best snowboard for slush

Best Snowboard for Slush (and Deep Powder) – Full Rocker

A full-rocker snowboard excels in slush and deep powder. In slush, full rocker’s loose, playful nature allows for smooth turns and easy maneuvering. The profile minimizes edge catches, ensuring a fun and floaty ride in both slushy conditions and deep powder, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a playful, forgiving experience in variable snow. The lifted tips and tails keep you afloat in powder, providing a surfy feel.

best snowboard for powder

Best Powder Snowboard – S-Curve

For powder shredding, a hybrid profile with rocker in the nose and camber through the body enhances float and stability. The rocker helps keep the nose up in deep powder, while camber underfoot maintains control. This combo balances effortless turns with solid edge grip, making it an ideal profile for conquering the fluffy white stuff.

best snowboard for groomers

Best Snowboard for Groomers – Mid Camber

A mid-camber snowboard profile strikes the perfect balance for groomed runs. With a mellow arch, it provides a stable platform and controlled edge pressure for precise carving. The camber’s subtle flex offers responsiveness, allowing quick edge-to-edge transitions, while maintaining enough forgiveness for enjoyable cruising. This profile enhances stability on groomers, promoting a smooth ride with ample edge engagement. Whether you’re laying down clean turns or picking up speed, the mid camber profile offers versatility, making it an ideal choice for those who love to carve up perfectly groomed slopes with confidence and control.

best snowboard for trees

Best Snowboard for Trees – Mid S Curve

For nimble navigation through trees, a hybrid camber with rocker in the nose and tail provides optimal performance. The rocker enhances float, preventing the board from catching in tight spaces, while camber underfoot maintains control and responsiveness. This combo ensures quick edge-to-edge transitions, allowing riders to weave effortlessly through tree-lined terrain. The rocker in the nose aids in turning initiation, facilitating agility, and enhancing maneuverability in the unpredictable, forested landscape. This hybrid profile strikes the perfect balance, offering the versatility needed for a smooth and exhilarating ride among the trees.

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