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Hometown: New Gloucester, Maine, USA
Home Slope: Eagle Pass B.C.
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 144
Boot: 8
Stance: Regular | +15 / -5

maya davis proteus snowboards

Maine girl gone West…

Maya grew up in Maine riding and teaching at Pleasant Mountain before taking her first trips out West with her family around 15. Taken by the powdery paradise west of her New England home, she took a gap year as a snowboard instructor at Brundage Mountain in Idaho.

Maya now has fully committed to the search for uncrowded powder, living in Calgary, Alberta to attend University and teach at Winsport with her CASI Level 2 certification. When she’s not working as a snowboard instructor or getting laps in the backcountry with her snowmobile, you can hit her up for some inspired bling as she’s studying to become a jeweler.

What do you enjoy when you’re not boarding? I can usually be found in my studio space at school working on my latest project. I also enjoy ceramics and reading.
Who or what has influenced your riding the most? Definitely my parents. They met because of snowboarding and their passion for the sport was introduced to me at a young age. My dad took his love and grew it by delving into the backcountry on snowmobiles and his board and my mom took her passion as a snowboard patroller to study nursing.
Where do you see yourself boarding, or what does snowboarding look like in 20 years?
My mom and I have a goal for her to still be riding at 70, and in 20 years I’ll be in my 40s myself. I hope by then I have been able to introduce my kids to the sport the way my parents have and watch their passion for winter and snowboarding grow.
Favorite post-ride meal/beer/tradition? I love carbs and good food. Lately, we’ve been going out to dinner in our small town in BC with good friends and comparing notes on our day.
proteus snowboards

Maya’s Pro Design

Maya’s Dims: 151 | Stiff



Frostbite – Proteus Rider Design for Maya Davis. . As with all Proteus boards, this design features the patented Proteus Adjustable Camber system, a guaranteed-premium board construction, and a strategic, multi-directional shape.

maya davis snowboard
maya davis proteus snowboards
maya davis proteus snowboards
“I came across Proteus about 5 years ago and have been following and watching Proteus grow. I was intrigued by a board that could change its camber and excited to try it…”
maya davis snowboard
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