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Hometown: Boynton Beach, FL, USA
Home Slope: Jackson Hole
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 175
Boot: 10
Stance: Regular | +15/-3

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Beaches & Bachelor & Boards &…

Jake is a professional photographer, board lover, and adventure seeker currently living in Bend, Oregon. Having grown up in South Florida with no mountains anywhere nearby, his love for board sports started with surfing and skating around the East Coast. He thought that he would never leave the warm waters of Florida, but the pandemic had different plans for Jake’s future. In 2020 he moved to Jackson, Wyoming which was his first time seeing real snow and the awe-inspiring high alpine mountains that surrounded the valley. His very first time snowboarding was hiking up Snow King Mountain with a local, who assumed he had the skills to make it down the steep north-facing slopes of the mountain.
Turns out he did not and ate it, a lot – but is was in that moment it all clicked and he knew that snowboarding was going to be a lifelong pursuit. There is nothing better than surfing down the steepest fall lines in the lightest of snow. Jake’s riding is truly inspired by the formative years of navigating the ever-changing ocean and trying to translate those same movements to the natural terrain of the mountains.
What do you enjoy when you’re not boarding? I love to shoot landscape photographs, adventure deep into the woods, climb the largest mountain insight, or pretty much anything that gets me outdoors!
Who or what has influenced my riding the most? I would say that overall the group of friends that I surround myself with influenced my riding the most. The unspoken competitiveness to progress faster, go bigger and ride harder than each other is one of the most exciting things to share with a group of friends.
Where do I see myself boarding in the next 20 years? I see myself adventuring deeper and higher into the never-ending mountain ranges around the world. Being free-ride based, nothing excites me more than steep, technical, and scary lines that take a deeper understanding on not only how to ride the mountains but also navigate them as much of the things that we get to experience are on their terms.
What would the title of my autobiography be? Florida Boy Gone West
Favorite post-ride meal/tradition? A crisp beer after riding never misses but an Apres Burrito really seals the deal for me.
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Jake’s Pro Design

Jake’s Dims: 154 | Stiff

jake leach proteus snowboards
jake leach proteus snowbaords
jake leach
“I think there are two main catches that excite me the most about Proteus Boards. First off, the fact of having a fully custom built board and getting to design your own look is such a cool concept. Sometimes styling things yourself gives you that boost of confidence to express riding the way you want! Second off, the ability┬áto adjust the camber is a complete game changer. The mountains see different conditions almost everyday, so having that option to change the way you want the board to perform without having to bring multiple boards with you or swap out bindings is rad!”
jake leach
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