Hometown: Henniker, NH, USA
Home Slope: Pat’s Peak
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 147
Boot: 9.5
Stance: Regular | 19in | +18/0

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Connor rules the East Coast

Connor is a dynamic force tearing up the East Coast snow scene, dominating his local mountains with unparalleled skill and style. Whether he’s carving up the slopes of Pats Peak, tackling the terrain at Loon Mountain Resort, or perfecting his technique at McIntyre Ski Hill, Connor’s presence is unmistakable. With a unique blend of sleeper and street-style riding, he effortlessly transitions between slopestyle and rail jam competitions, consistently leaving spectators in awe. Connor’s journey began at the age of 8 on the slopes of Pats Peak, where he quickly fell in love with the sport. By 14, he had already secured his first sponsorship, a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication. Inspired by his skateboarding roots, Connor infuses his snowboarding with a distinct urban flair, seamlessly blending tricks and techniques from both worlds. Supported by his mentors, Sage Peterson and Rielly Woodbury, Connor approaches every session with infectious enthusiasm and a perpetual grin, always pushing himself to new heights while spreading positivity throughout the snowboarding community.

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Connor’s Pro Design

Connor’s Dims: 154 | Flex



Our Connor Brooks signature design, the Arachnid, instills fear in all competitors who cross it. Inspired by Connor’s daydreams of stringing together perfect rail combos and his unique, venomous, slopestyle, the Arachnid is comfortable stalking its prey on the hill, in the park, in your backyard, and even while you sleep. Available in a diversity of designs, all eyes will be on you if you choose to wield this board at your local mountain.

As with all Proteus boards, this design features the patented Proteus Adjustable Camber system, a guaranteed-premium board construction, and a strategic, multi-directional shape.

connor brooks
connor brooks proteus snowboards
connor brooks

“dude i just love the way this board feels on rails and the way it spring loads and launches me off kickers.”

connor brooks
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